Disney City Girl

This page is mainly about the objectives of Disney City Girl. There will be other pages based around the other games and their objectives and rules. Also, there will be a brief summary of the forums [i.e. the behavior, discussions, suggestions, etc.] 

The Main Objectives of Disney City GirlEdit

The main objectives of DCG are to progress in the game by progressing in your City Girl's career. Therefore, you will progress in your apartments, you will be able to open up to a variety of new clothing and furniture, and your City Girl will level up. One of the main points is to get to the highest level possible. Then, you will achieve the 'legendary' status of a successful young woman in the big city. Another main point is to complete these questlines (career questlines and main quest lines [Olivia and Jenna]) that will help you progress in the game and get used to the main objectives in the game. There are also optional timed missions where you will be able to obtain, 1. A main reward, such as a dress or hairstyle and 2. An optional reward you may wish to obtain, such as a pair of shoes, a hairstyle with low style points, and more. These will be further explained as we go on.

The Minor FeaturesEdit

Now, we get on to the minor features. These are features that do not matter very much, but are useful when you get into the gameplay. First of all, there are style points. These are calculations of how much a garment of clothing [i.e. dress, shirt, pants, etc.] is worth in style. These only matter in, 1. Mission objectives [i.e. wear at least (insert style points) in (insert outfit category)] and/or 2. Bonus coins from jobs. [i.e. dress up in clothing with maximum style points to get the maximum amount of coins] There are also decor points. These do not really matter, as they do not account for anything. Although, if you want to obtain a high amount of them, be my guest. You can also visit friends and view their apartments. Sometimes, it will be crucial to visit friends for missions, so I suggest having many of them. And, there are featured collections, which will be out of reach fund-wise if you are a low level. Those are a couple of main minor features.

Description of ForumsEdit

In this section, I will describe the forums in a brief manner. It will include, normal behavior, the discussions, and the suggestions usually being made. First of all, let's discuss some of the repeated behavior. Most of the times, Disney City Girl posters will comment in polite [sometimes] manners. Although, sometimes they can be fiesty, and wreak havoc. Sometimes, it happens on a daily basis. Most of the posters are very kind and polite though. Every week or two, there are spam posts and/or team bashing posts, mainly by the same person. There are normal gold posts as of Sept. 2013 on a daily basis. There are many helpful guides and tips. Usually, the suggestions are made about the furniture, apartments, and clothing. Everytime a new crafting mission pops out, there are crafting threads created to help the others who are unsure of some things related with crafting. The complaints are usually about ongoing glitches [mostly crucial, important ones] 

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