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Welcome to the Playdom News Wiki! Here, you will be able to get the latest on your favorite Playdom games, tips & tricks and even working suggestions! We feature news that not even Playdom releases! The members of our community thoroughly creates each page, just for you Playdom gamers out there! We make sure all information posted, is of course true and will help you in your Playdom Gaming Exerience! We hope you sign up and Enjoy this Wikia, made JUST for the Playdom gamers!

Side Note: This Wiki only contains information compatible for Playdom Website Games. We do not carry information from Playdom Facebook connected games or Playdom Apps for Android/iPhone. We apologize for any inconvience and misunderstandings relating to this information. Thank you for reading.


Playdom News Wikia cares for your Safety, and we ask that you do not give out ANY information containing ANYTHING that may lead to you. The members of our community ask that you do not give out your last name, age, DOB, Home/Street/Area Code Address, phone number, etc. If you happen to give out any information, we will not be held responsible for your faulty actions, and the outcome of them. Thank you for reading, we all hope that you understand this post thoroughly, as it will matter much in the future if you do not abide by our warning.

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