The forums of each game located on are very useful, and sometimes fun to use. You will be able to communicate with others through threads and posts, and private message each other. Of course, you can post anything you want as long as it abides by the Terms of Service and the purpose of the section of the forum. If you read carefully, you will be able to learn more about the forums.

Teams SectionEdit

This is the main part of each of the game forums. You can post anything related to the game, you can try to make friends, and meet new people. You will not be able to post any off-topic posts, but you will be able to discuss glitches and/or suggestions for the developers and creators, which can then be transformed into Ideas and Feedback threads. You can even thank the developers and creators. Or maybe you want to alert others of a new feature, or a gold tourney? The main point of this forum is, to discuss the game freely and meet new people while you're at it.

Ideas and FeedbackEdit

There is an Ideas and Feedback section, which is another important place. Here, you can make any suggestions you would like, share ideas, and hear others' thoughts about your suggestions. Apparently, the developers and creators peek at this forum section here to gain inspiration for the game. So, if you would like a new feature, or something to be done, it should be posted here. It supposedly raises the possibility of your suggestion happening. The main point of this forum section is to share ideas with your players and listen for feedback.

Game Guides and TutorialsEdit

This is the place to give out guides, tips, and tutorials for all of those who are not aware of certain things. Such as, how to take a screenshot, the basics of the game, and more. It is crucial for new players to be able to glide through freely, with the help of long-term members. Any guides, tips, or tutorials will be very helpful when you're in a hurry, but want to answer someone's question. You will just hand them the link and be on your merry way. The main purpose of this forum section is to inform others of any useful features that will help them in the near future.

Off Topic ChatEdit

Off Topic Chat is the place to post anything unrelated to the game, as long as it is not spam. This is very useful if you want to discuss something unrelated to the game that you really want to spit out. If you want to speak of something related to the game, but not whole-heartedly, you may still post that topic in the Teams section, or if you would like, the Off Topic Chat forum. This is the area to talk about that new tv show, another game, or what you think about a topic. The main purpose of this section is to speak freely about certain topics unrelated to the main game.

Announcements and UpdatesEdit

Announcements and Updates are a place where the admins and developers+creators can announce any sudden changes, updates, and/or rules. Only admins are able to post there, the section is locked. Another note, the announcements and updates section is not usually updated on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Do not expect multiple posts in one month unless something big is going on. The main purpose of this forum section is to inform all players of new updates and announcements that will be crucial to know of.

Technical IssuesEdit

This part of the forum is to discuss technical issues (i.e. glitches) and listen to see if anyone else is experiencing what you are. These posts can also be published in the Teams section, since it is related to the game after all. Be aware that there may be threads with the same topic, so maybe you can discuss with those players as well. This forum section is only for technical issues (i.e. glitches) and nothing else. If you have a question about the technical issue, you will be able to throw it into your post. Basically, anything related to technical issues (i.e. glitches) can be posted in the Technical Issues forum section. The main point of this forum section is to discuss technical issues, what you can do about them, and any questions you have.

Those are all of the basic parts of each individual game forum. Every game has it's own forum, and all these crucial parts are included. Respect the sections, and do not speak of anything other than the main purpose of the section. Do not post spam in any of these sections, unless it is Off Topic, or you are finding friends in Teams. Also, another note, the Report Bugs button will lead you to submit a support ticket. These are the basics of all of the Playdom forums. 

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